50% chance of winning £250

50% chance of winning £250

Only 2 prize balls left in our jackpot, which means if you win this week you have a 50/50 chance of winning £250!!!

Our quiz consists of 6 rounds, of which 1 is a picture round & 1 is a music round, out of the other 4 rounds 1 is a general knowledge wipeout round (answer 1 question wrong and you get no points for the whole round) the team that finished bottom in the previous weeks quiz get to choose one, give them a bit of an advantage for the next quiz.

The quiz runs from 9pm on a Sunday night and only costs £1 per person, teams are made up of a maximum of 6 people, however if you are a genius or just dont want to share the prize you can enter on your own.

The winnig team win half the entry fee and pick one of the prize balls above the bar for another prize (only 2 left and 1 has the £250 jackpot in it.

hope to see you here sunday & Good luck.