Craft Beer

Craft Beer

The Craft Revolution

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This is our definition of craft; it provides a journey of interest and discovery where anyone can enter the category and find something of interest and the chance to experiment and discover new brands, styles and flavours.

There are modern beers brimming with attitude as well as traditional beers oozing heritage; all made with creativity and care.



While there are no hard and fast rules where artisanal producers are concerned, their willingness and ability to experiment often producers a huge array of contradictory styes and flavours and is one of the reasons the craft movement is so exciting. We’ve tasted fantastic un-carbonated (lambic) wheats, dark lagers and brown ales that taste from sticky and sweet, to tart and fruity all the way to heavily bitter to name just a few. That said, we also realise the huge array of styles can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. So we’ve put together a list of what would typically be expected from the various styles available from Punch:

  • Lager – Light, smooth and refreshingly carbonated. The ultimate thirst quencher on a hot day.
  • Pilsner – Originally brewed in Czechoslovakia, a classic style of lager, pale, golden and frothy and meant to be drunk very cold.
  • Pale Ale – Hop forward beers with big, fruity or spicy flavours, pale in name but not in taste.
  • India Pale Ale (IPA) – Made originally in England for export to India. A little stronger than Pale Ale, but equally big on flavour.
  • Ale – Aromatic and fruity, less carbonated than lager and generally drunk warmer, there’s no end to the variety from golden to amber or dark.
  • Wheat Beer – Brewed with malted wheat and barley, they’re effervescent, tangy with wheat aromas and often cloudy in nature.
  • Porter – These are dark, complex, often spicy beers meant for sipping slowly.
  • Fruit – Lagers and ales with added fruit or fruit juice for flavour, colour and/or aroma. Cherries and raspberries are the most popular additions.

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