Sunday Quiz Night


Well what can i say about the pub quiz, very busy & so close.

For those that dont know we hold a pub quiz every week on a Sunday night at 9pm.  teams can consist of up to 6 people & it costs £1 per person to enter.


Out of those 11 teams the top 4 teams where only separated by one and a half points, with the top 2 teams (Stooges & Drumbums) tied at the top on 38.5/60. Typical we get a tie when I didn’t arrange a tie-breaker question, note to self always have a tie-breaker ready for the quiz.

The tie breaker question? Eric Claptons ‘Blackie’ Fender Stratocaster was the most valuable guitar ever sold when Auctioned at Christies in New York, how much was it sold for in £? (answer at the bottom of the blog)

Well once id checked all the teams sheets had been marked correctly and found a tie-break question (sorry for the delay everyone) the Stooges were the winners, winning themselves £23 & a free round of drinks next week.

The prize for the winning team is 1/2 the entry fee plus a chance to try and win our rolling jackpot that currently stands at £180. (accurate on 5th May).  We also have a bonus round which is a nearest to the correct answer kind of question which all teams can enter for free which wins a small prize.

If you think you have the brains to defeat them why not come along this Sunday at 9pm.


We had 11 teams entering the quiz on 3rd May 2015, consisting of a total of 45 people. if you have a favorite table i’d suggest you get here early to make sure you get it.


Oh and the answer to the tie breaker £528,976 and the winning guess was £700,000 would you have beaten them?